Susannah de Wrixon

Photography © Mark O'Sullivan, Ros Kavanagh

Light Blue
Geoff Stanton


The story so far….. A country girl, Susannah was born and raised in southern Ireland. She currently lives in Dublin and for the last twenty five years has been working as an actor/singer on stage and screen. Theatre highlights include, “An Ideal Husband” and “Pygmalion “ in The Abbey Theatre Playing Maggie in “Dancing at Lughnasa” and Goneril in “King Lear” to name but a few. She won best Actress in 1991 for her role as Reverend Hale in “The Crucible”, in fact her stage career has been hugely varied playing men, monkies, old women and young saints. She gained her comedy stripes touring Ireland and the UK in the late 90s with “The Nualas”. As a singer she has worked with the Irish national symphony orchestra and has performed in the acclaimed jazz venue “The Iridium” in New York. She has recorded three albums . On screen she was a puppy poisoning, gun wielding psycho in “Fair City”, other shows include “The Clinic,” Ballykissangel”, "Striking out" and "My Great Grandmother Was A Boxer” (Yes she played the boxer!). Her RP can cut glass and she looks great in a corset, thanks to her dedication to Pilates training. Enigmatic and versatile, Susannah will always give an interesting read.

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