Sammy Woodward

Photography © Ioan Hefin, Jenni Carldwell, Sarah Jane Webb

Light/Mid Brown
Roger Davidson


Originally from the Midlands, Sammy Woodward is a disabled and non-binary actor, who had their heart set on the arts from an early age. Known for their guest role as Niamh in BBC's Casualty, Sammy studied Acting in South Wales, where they now reside. They are a warm and passionate individual, who despite a love for theatre, focuses on film, television and commercial work, and has a strong and warm voice, well-suited to radio work. Sammy also has an avid interest in social empowerment through art, and is eager to create and be involved with art that empowers the disenfranchised. When not acting, Sammy can be found singing, writing, and working with children who are neurodivergent or have mental disabilities.

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